An Aerial View of Downtown Houston

When I moved to Houston in 1980, the tallest building downtown was One Shell Plaza. (That’s the white building in the photo–the one with the tall antenna on top.) Since that time, Houston has added skyscrapers, hotels, a baseball field, a basketball and hockey arena and the George R. Brown Convention Center. The rotating Spindletop restaurant atop the Hyatt Regency Hotel still affords a great view of Houston; however, for at least part of the 45-minute rotation your view will mostly be the sides of other, taller buildings that were not there when the Spindletop opened in 1972.

Although the skyline has changed a lot over the years, I still think that Houston has one of the best skylines around. When I return from out of town, I love it when the towering buildings come in to view, whether I am viewing them from my car or the window of an airplane.

The video below shows off downtown Houston as seen from the air.

Unlike most cities, Houston has more than one “downtown” skyline. The Texas Medical Center is the largest in the world. The Williams Tower dominates a busy Galleria skyline. Add in Park 10, Greenway Plaza and Greenspoint, and you could forgive a visitor for wondering how many downtowns Houston really has. Downtown is still impressive, day or night, and a great example of what a modern city can be.

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