Cafe Pita+

The moniker for the small Westchase-area Cafe Pita+ is a tad misleading. It is a cafe in that the Italian-style coffees are lingered over here, and several of its dishes are commonly accompanied by pitas, but there are no pitas here. This is a Bosnian restaurant featuring hearty and flavorful cooking that is a great value.

This is tasty home cooking from the Balkans paired with presentation that is surprisingly quite nice. The small restaurant consists of an open kitchen and maybe a dozen small tables with a flat screen television in back. It is popular with local Bosnians most of the time, and nearby office workers during lunchtime. The restaurant itself might not be the most inviting around, but the affable, usually present owner makes a good effort to be accommodating and informative.

Though the entree portions are generous, the Middle Eastern dips are an excellent way to begin a meal. The hummus can be especially good. It is served with lepinja bread that is very aptly described as a cross between pita bread and ciabatta bread. It’s fluffy and airy and a good complement to the dips and the sandwiches.

The most popular item is cevap, which is seasoned ground beef rolls served with plenty of the fresti lepinja bread. It looks like a huge sandwich, but it’s expected that you tear off a piece of the bread and eat it with one of the sausage-like rolls and some of the accompanying butter. Burek is a lengthy coiled stretch of puff pas filled with ground beef or cheese; somewhat similar to a giant elongated spanikopita, and a lot of food for the price. The hand-crafted 10-inch individually sized thin-crust pizzas are quite tasty, and can be ordered with a few unique toppings.

For entrées there are shish kabobs with beef and chicken breast, stuffed peppers and stuffed cabbage, both filled with ground beef, and from the deep blue sea (or out of the blue for some), grilled sardines. If you have room for a sweet finish, there is baklava, rice pudding, and crepes with a chocolate and hazelnut mix, topped with a berry sauce.

Cafe Pita+ was featured on the Food Network’s Diners Drive-Ins and Dives.

Café Pita+
10890 Westheimer (between the Beltway and Wilcrest)
Houston, Texas 77042
(713) 953-7237

Copyright Mike Riccetti. Adapted from Houston Dining on the Cheap, and used with permission.

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