Pappas Bar-B-Q

Pappas Bar-B-Q serves up good quality Texas-style barbecue in generously sized portions. These are well-run, fairly attractive restaurants, which are often crowded, where you can count on getting a satisfying meal for a reasonable price with friendly and efficient service. The offerings at Pappas are typical of most barbecue restaurants in the area, though maybe a little … [Read more...]

Maria Selma’s

In a city with no shortage of Mexican restaurants, Maria Selma's strives to be something a little different. It's more ambitious, and more authentic than most area Mexican restaurants. Though it might not succeed for all it strives, and the kitchen has been somewhat inconsistent in the past, it's still an interesting and worthwhile place to visit. And, importantly, the meals … [Read more...]

Madras Pavilion

Madras Pavilion serves the spicy vegetarian fare of southern India. This is different than the food that is typically available at most Indian restaurants in this country, and also locally, that primarily serve the tandoori cooking of northern India, the popular grilled meats and curries. Though the food is entirely vegetarian, it's hearty, filling and can be very … [Read more...]

Carter & Cooley Co.

Located in a charming structure built in 1921, ancient by Houston standards, Carter & Cooley is in the main business district in the Heights. Carter & Cooley has been in operation since 1989. It looks like what an old-stye sandwich shop, or malt shop, should look like. Fairly spacious for such an operation, there is room for plenty of tables, the requisite deli counter … [Read more...]

Nidda Thai

Noticeably friendly and inviting, even by gracious Thai standards, Nidda is an outpost of enjoyable and good value Thai food in the heart of Montrose. The fare here might not be quite as flavorful or as complex as the top Thai places in town, but most of the most popular Thai dishes are served in consistently satisfying fashion. The kitchen is steady and the service is affable … [Read more...]