Houston Food Trucks

The food truck phenomenon is red hot in Houston. Although the ubiquitous taco trucks that we have known for years are still found all over town, the new food trucks serve everything from hot dogs and burgers to crepes, Korean BBQ, cupcakes and, yes, even tacos. If you like to eat it, chances are there is a Houston food truck that will serve it to you. Although some people … [Read more...]

Tex Chick

The unusually named Tex Chick is a tiny restaurant situated deep in the heart of Montrose. Even driving on Fairview, east of Montrose, it is easy to overlook, as it is such a small place. Located in a stand-alone building, there are only three tables, space for just a dozen or so diners. Though they do serve chicken and the restaurant is located in Texas, the name is not … [Read more...]

Thai Spice

Opened in 1996, Thai Spice holds its own with the several good Thai restaurants in and around the Village. Located on the second floor of an attractive refurbishment of a former bank at the edge of the Rice Village. This area is a fun, small eating and drinking nexus with benjy's, Antone's and the truly Scottish pub, Kelvin Arms sharing the handsome building. Thai Spice is more … [Read more...]


At the bustling corner of Montrose and Westheimer, Aladdin is a solid, inviting and attractively casual oasis of usually well prepared Lebanese food amidst the traffic and the often too interesting street parade. As with other local Middle Eastern restaurants, it's easy to eat healthy here. It's actually easier than most, as Aladdin sports a beautiful and bountiful spread of … [Read more...]

Empire Cafe

Empire CafĂ© is a both a laid-back, but often bustling, counter-service restaurant on Westheimer west of Montrose that has been serving students, self-styled bohemians, and a great many others since 1994 who want a good and good value meal. Though a big, cosmopolitan city, Houston is lacking in this type of comfortably hip, but worthy, informal restaurant. It is especially … [Read more...]