Tan Tan

Tan Tan is a long popular restaurant serving Vietnamese and similar Chinese fare prepared quickly and very proficiently and served efficiently to hungry throngs at most hours during the day. Tan Tan has grown in size over the years, and beyond its former, odd "Fast Food" designation, but it remains as good as ever. Tan Tan is one of a number of value-oriented places in New … [Read more...]

Doozo Noodle & Dumplings

Doozo Noodle & Dumplings is mostly just that, a small eatery dispensing Chinese noodle and dumpling dishes. Actually, for most patrons, it's only half that phrase, the dumplings. Doozo's rendition of the steamed Chinese dumplings draws huge lines during the long lunchtime hours at the Houston Center downtown. Doozo efficiently serves the crush of patrons with dumplings that … [Read more...]


Distinctively named Mary'z is a popular, earnest and friendly Lebanese restaurant west of the Galleria. The portions are large, the kitchen is competent, and the value is quickly evident. And, it has a couple patios that are draws for a club-hopping younger crowd at night to smoke hookahs (filled with tobacco, of course), and most everyone else on nice days and … [Read more...]


Named after the national bird of India, which is not the chicken tikka masala, by the way, Mayuri is a large and attractive spot for well-made northern and southern Indian food plus the popular-in-Mumbai Chinese-Indian dishes. The menu is very lengthy and expansive by local Indian restaurant standards, but the prime attraction for most is the menu-free lunchtime buffet. … [Read more...]

Spanish Flowers

Contributing to the long-running popularity of Spanish Flowers (or Flower depending on the signage) is that it is nearly always open to happily help satisfy the Mexican food fix of residents of the near north neighborhood, those of the nearby Heights, or late night revelers from elsewhere in town. In fact, it is only closed on Tuesday night at 10 PM until 10 AM on Wednesday … [Read more...]