Defensive Driving Houston

The most common reason for taking a Houston defensive driving class is to get a traffic ticket dismissed. When you get a traffic ticket you have a few options: You can pay the ticket and take the hit to your insurance rates that may come with a moving violation. You can hire a lawyer and pay big bucks to try to beat the rap. Or you can take a defensive driving class and have … [Read more...]

Free Internet Marketing Class

Do you have a website? Want to make more money with your site? You should check out the free Internet marketing class offered twice monthly at the downtown Small Business Development Center. There you can get the real-world information you need to build an effective website and rank well in the search engines. The classes are presented by Dick Myers of Small Business … [Read more...]

Leisure Learning Unlimited

Hey, don’t just sit there–learn something! Leisure Learning Unlimited offers a variety of classes on everything from dance to languages to computers to...goat farming? If you can’t learn it at LLU, you probably don’t need to know it. A perusal of the current catalog reveals classes such as these: … [Read more...]