The Fearless Critic Houston Restaurant Guide, 3rd Edition

Now back in its third edition, the Fearless Critic is revised and updated, with reviews and ratings of places to eat in the greater Houston area, including more coverage of the suburbs than ever before, from taquerias to power steakhouses, country BBQ to Chinatown dim sum.

* Critics dine incognito, and we don’t accept advertising dollars from restaurants.
* The Fearless Critic is utterly unique in its candor, its rigor, its irreverent lack of deference to the sacred cows, and its devotion to finding the city’s best food, wherever it may lie.

Each review is a full page long and includes a food rating out of 10, a feel rating out of 10, and complete practical information about the restaurant. The book is also equipped with a 40-page reference section that includes lists of all restaurants by cuisine, neighborhood, and special features, plus a special guide for vegetarians.

More than just an entertaining read, the book is an essential reference for anyone who eats out in the Houston area.

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