Goode Company Texas BBQ

The overwhelming popularity of the informal, attractive Goode Co. Barbecue restaurants is exceedingly well deserved. These are the best overall barbecue restaurants in the area.

The brisket, which in Texas is barbecue, is fantastic. Only strict barbecue purists would find any significant point for which to quibble. The brisket is green-mesquite smoked for eighteen hours and exceedingly moist, tender, and delicious. As with any excellent brisket, knives are rarely required to cut it, and sauce is not really required. In addition to brisket, the house-made Czech and Jalapeno Pork Sausages, the spicy pork, and the turkey are especially flavorful. They also serve beef ribs, chicken and duck.

In addition to the plates, the sandwiches are also a great choice. The high quality, fresh bun makes for the best brisket sandwich around. Sandwiches are also available with their wonderful jalapeno cheese bread, and in the slightly larger po boy size that also features a bun freshly made for the task. The sauce, slightly spicy with a medium consistency, though a fine complement, can probably stand a slight improvement. It’s probably the only real demerit, and a minor one at that. The meats are exemplary, especially given the broad range that are cooked.

Another difference between Goode Co. and all of the other quality barbecue joints around is the very high quality of their side dishes. These are definitely not the scooped-from-the-can beans and potato salad that you typically find at other barbecue places. There are terrific Austin Baked Beans (baked beans cooked with chunks of apple for a slightly sweet taste); excellent potato salad; flavorful jambalaya; and the aforementioned house-made jalapeno cheese bread. And for dessert, there is their legendary pecan pie.

The quality of the food is undeniable. The service is cafeteria-style. The lines are usually long during the long lunch and dinner peak times, but the proficient staff makes sure things move very quickly. This is another hallmark of the Goode Co. restaurants, professional and prompt service. These are places to grab a longneck and enjoy the best in barbecue.

Goode Co. Barbecue has three Houston locations:
5109 Kirby (between Bissonnet and Westpark), Houston, Texas 77098, (713) 522-2530
8911 Katy Freeway (east of Campbell, south side of 1-10), Houston, Texas 77024, (713) 464-1901
20102 Northwest Freeway (south of Hwy 6/FM-1960), Houston, Texas 77065, (832) 678-3562

Copyright Mike Riccetti. Adapted from Houston Dining on the Cheap, and used with permission.

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Image credit: Greater Houston Convention and Visitors Bureau (photographer: Michael Stencel)

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