Gulf Coast Electronics Museum

The Gulf Coast Electronics Museum is another of those quirky little museums that seem to pop up around Houston. This one contains a collection of electronic equipment dating back to the 1940s, as well as art created from electronic parts.

Harry Keep set up an electronics shop in Houston back in 1945. When disaster struck in Texas City in 1947, Gulf Coast Electronics was first on the scene with communications equipment to aid rescue workers. Harry was also involved in the music scene in Houston. He had the first mobile recording set-up in Houston and volunteered his services to the Houston Symphony  when they began performing at Miller Outdoor Theatre in Hermann Park.

After Gulf Coast Electronics closed, the inventory was stored in the building and warehouse until 1988. That is when his widow, Jane Keep, decided to create a space that would honor Harry’s legacy by paying tribute to what he loved most: electronics and music.

It took almost 20 years to make Jane’s dream a reality, but the Gulf Coast Electronics Museum now exists as a place where Houstonians can view vintage electronics and art with an electronics theme.

In addition to the museum, there is space available for performances and private parties. To visit the museum or book a party, please call in advance:  832.264.9789.

Gulf Coast Electronics Museum
1110 Winbern St (between Fannin and San Jacinto one street north of Alabama), Houston, TX 77004
The museum does not have regularly scheduled hours. Call ahead before visiting: 832.264.9789

Image Credit (main image): / CC BY 2.0

Image Credit (radio): / CC BY 2.0

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