John C. Haley, M.D. “Body Parts” Museum

Down in the basement of the DeBakey Building at the Baylor College of Medicine is perhaps the oddest museum you’ll ever see.
Dr. John C. Haley taught at Baylor College of Medicine, and there are displays of memorabilia from his life and career. But most of this small museum consists of what the nickname indicates—body parts. (No, the parts are not from Dr. Haley’s body!)

The official name of this small exhibit is the John C. Haley, M.D. Museum; however, locals in the Houston Medical Center refer to it as the “Body Parts Museum.” Heads, hands, legs, and various internal organs, both healthy and diseased, are preserved here for your viewing pleasure. These are projects completed by Dr. Haley himself, his students and other Baylor students. Not for the squeamish, but fascinating for those interested in medicine and anatomy.

Security was stepped up at Baylor after 9/11, so you will have to check in with security and show a photo ID to enter the building, but admission is free.

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