Kraftsmen Baking

Not only successful as an excellent bakery, Kraftsmen is also an adept and attractive cafe. Situated on lower Montrose in a very handsome, small red brick-laden center, Kraftsmen is adjacent to both a library and the Black Labrador pub. It’s a great place in which to relax with a coffee or tea and one of the delicious baked items. Its attractive, comfortable modernist interior and the handful of tables outside make it conducive for lingering.

The menu features breakfast items, pastries, salads and sandwiches atop their artisan breads. Its culinary attraction begins with the baked goods. Mostly because of these excellent breads, the sandwiches can be especially good. Each comes with numerous complementary high quality ingredients, including cheese with each meat sandwich, and plenty of greens. These sandwiches are not overly stuffed, but rather artfully constructed. One of the best of the ten or so creative sandwiches on the menu includes the turkey, brie, crisp bacon and slices of avocado and on a crusty small baguette that is buttered and toasted. Each sandwich has a recommended bread, but assuredly you can switch it to one of your choice among sourdough, whole wheat, baguette, an organic loaf, honey baguette and a brioche hoagie. Though very tasty, the sandwiches are somewhat slight.

In addition to the baked goods and sandwiches, the eclectic soups have drawn rave reviews. Some examples of the single soup of the day might be French onion, cream of cauliflower, a bisque with butternut squash, and one featuring cous cous. It helps that acclaimed chef-owner Scott Tycer of Aries and Gravitas fame is also an owner of Kraftsmen. To wash down, or rather accompany the food, Kraftsmen serves good quality espresso and other coffees, plus high quality bottled teas, juices and waters. Breakfast is served until 11AM each day, and all day Sunday. The small number of offerings includes hefty breakfast tacos, ham or bacon and eggs, omelets, and an excellent croissant sandwich with eggs, cheese and bacon, if you’d like. Kraftsmen is a great place to stop for a baguette or another bread for the meal at home.

Kraftsmen Baking
4100 Montrose (between Southwest Fwy. and Richmond) 77006, (713) 524-3737

Copyright Mike Riccetti. Adapted from Houston Dining on the Cheap, and used with permission.

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Image Credit: Greater Houston Convention and Visitors Bureau (photographer: Hugh Hargrave)

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