Latin Flavors: A Taste of Our Heritage

Latin Flavors: A Taste of Our Heritage is the first cookbook of its kind – a beautiful, coffee-table style book with all recipes in Spanish and English. It is unique in that the recipes are treasured family favorites from Latin households that are not only from Mexican backgrounds but also Spain, Peru, Cuba and just about every other country in the world that speaks Spanish as its first language.

These recipes will help you explore the bold, complex and subtle flavors that make up Latin cooking. The recipes have been professionally translated and tested for excellence of flavor and ease of preparation. The elegant and sophisticated design magically blends the domestic arts of sewing and cooking, conveying the importance of pulling the threads of life together through food.

Latin food is often spicy, flavorful and rich – just as everyday life should be filled with these same qualities. The fabric of Latin life is woven into the food, life where a table set with embroidered tablecloths and napkins is a sign of love and hospitality. Throughout the book you will find cooking hints and food lore – do you know where the first margarita was made? Or that guacamole was enjoyed by the Aztecs more than 500 years ago? These helpful tips and bits of information make Latin Flavors fun to read as well as a useful guide to cooking and entertaining.

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