Is Old Spaghetti Warehouse Haunted?

Legend has it that this popular Houston restaurant is haunted. Employees and diners have reported things moving without being touched, ghostly apparitions moving through the room, being tapped or touched while they dined, their names being called, lights flickering and light orbs floating by, among other things.

The restaurant in on the site of a produce warehouse built around 1900. One story says that a number of employees of the produce warehouse died on the site over the years and their spirits remain. A flier put out by the restaurant says that the ghostly woman who inhabits the space is the widow of a man who died after falling down an elevator shaft. She died exactly one year later and it is said that she returns looking for her lost love.

Yet another theory is that there are spirits attached to some of the antiques that furnish the restaurant. These include a huge hand-carved staircase brought from a castle in England, an antique grandfather’s clock, a chandelier from New York’s Penn Station, and a Houston Avenue trolley car from the early 1900’s. The trolley car holds special fascination for ghost hunters as many have claimed to feel the presence of spirits within it.

Most of the ghostly activity seems to happen in the upstairs dining area. The upstairs can be reserved for parties and large groups and, when not in use, diners are welcome to walk around and check it out for themselves.

Are the ghost stories real, or are they the product of some overactive imaginations and the restaurant’s marketing department? It can’t really be proved either way, so chances are that if you are a believer you will be inclined to believe that the Old Spaghetti Warehouse is haunted by spirits. If not, you will not believe. Unless, of course, you happen to experience one of the eerie encounters as so many others have…

Old Spaghetti Warehouse
901 Commerce Street
Houston, Texas 77002


  1. Jessica says

    I went there with my Dance team. a worker had explained her experience there. that she would double knot her shoes and they would be untied. and one day her laces were floating. and if you take your picture sometimes there will be orbs in them.

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