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The City of Iram The Qur’an mentions a city by the name of Iram (89:7). It is not a major focal point of the Bible, but we do learn some pretty interesting things about the city. A circular wall surrounds the compound, which includes the shrine containing the tomb as well as a mosque.

It was called the “Atlantis of the Sands,” and it was mentioned in both the Arabian Nights and the Quran. Modern discoveries suggest that the Biblical Ophir might be identified with Ubar, the legendary lost city of gold in southern Arabia. Much research has tied Ubar to the city Iram in the Koran and to Omanum Emporium on the maps of Claudius Ptolemy, the Alexandrian geographer of …

The Bible also mentions the golden- pillared city of Ubar, built by the people of Ad. The Tomb of Job is located on a hill known as Jabal Al Qar north of the city of Salalah. >>Lost City of Ubar Discovered >[article deleted] >The article that was released in the Boston _Globe_ also made mention >that the city, which housed only around 100 people or so on a >continuing basis although many more camped outside the city walls, was >apparently destroyed when a large sinkhole formed under it in the >limestone. According to the latter story, Ubar was once a hugely prosperous and wealthy city—until it was destroyed by divine wrath, a … Iran is a nation that figures prominently in the news these days.Three years ago (Sept. 2001) after the terrorist attacks upon America, President George Bush mentioned the nation of Iran and depicted it as being one of the notorious members of the now infamous “axis of evil” nations.

Ubar is believed to have been the Omanum Emporiam, Irem (Iram) That Al Emad (Imad), Wabar, Ubar or the mythical lost city in "Arabian Nights" Omanum Emporiam was first mentioned in about 200 AD by Arabian geographers when it was described as a major market town in the "Empty Quarter" and at the crossroads for the frankincense trade. Being situated at the north of the Red Sea, this community is understood to have been destroyed just as it is written in the Qur’an.

From ancient accounts, the basis for Ubar's existence was frankincense, a sweet smelling incense then as valuable as gold. The city where Lut resided is referred to as Sodom in the Old Testament.
Kedar was Abraham’s grandson, and the second son of Ishmael (Genesis 25:13). Thomas, who showed great interest in the subject, died before being able to complete his research.

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