Edward Thomas is considered by many major poets, such as T.S.Eliot and Ted Hughes, to have a big influence on the development of English poetry in the 20th century. Edward Thomas, the poet who died in the First World War, is the subject of this blog and of my novel, A Conscious Englishman. It is a lyrical delight and I long ago committed it to memory. Edward Thomas: often accompanied Robert Frost on bird-watching treks through Gloucestershire When Robert Frost wrote his famous poem The Road Not … He's in the vein of Robert Frost, and it is a sad sad thing that he didn't live to write more, and mature as a poet.

Edward Thomas, Robert Frost and the road to war When Thomas and Frost met in London in 1913, neither had yet made his name as a poet. During the next four years, the two writers—Frost, an unknown poet who had sold his farm in New Hampshire in order to take his family to England for one last gamble on poetry and Thomas, a sad literary journalist—formed the most important friendship between poets since that of Wordsworth and Coleridge.

They became close, and each was vital to the other's success. Over at The Guardian, Matthew Hollis wrote a detailed, fascinating feature on the friendship of Robert Frost and Edward Thomas that sheds light on the genesis and influence of Frost's "The Road Not Taken," a poem that helped seal Frost's legacy and that, oddly, adorns dorm walls to this day.. Robert Frost (1874 - 1963) The road that Edward Thomas took led in 1917 to Aras and away from Frost, and it was a cruel road covered with 'blood and beer bottles' as his diary entry testifies. If you like poetry where they play with a net, and if you like Frost, you'll like this. Isolation - Edward Thomas and Robert Frost Essays 1120 Words 5 Pages Both Poets write about the isolation of the individual in their poetry Compare and contrast two poems, one by each poet, taking account of the methods which each poet uses to write about the isolation of the individual. Robert Frost’s poem,”The Road Not Taken,” is probably America’s best-loved poem. It is about Thomas, his wife Helen, Robert Frost, Eleanor Farjeon and others of the period, and about nature, place and poetry. What is less well-known is the origin of the poem: Frost spent the years 1912 to 1915 in England, where among his acquaintances was the writer Edward Thomas. A close friend of the poet Robert Frost, he wrote much of his poetry while serving as a soldier during World War I.He was killed in France on April 9, 1917. …

Edward Thomas and Robert Frost. Robert Frost and Edward Thomas met in a bookshop in London in 1913.

I just recently discovered Edward Thomas, and enjoy his poetry quite a bit. The two met in England at the onset of the First World War and formed a deep friendship.