Urdu Meaning or Translation. appellation definition: 1. a name or title: 2. a name or title: . Read more at wikipedia: Synonyms. Indigenous population flourished in this region, leading to a developed civilisation in 5th to 4th millennium BC, the ancient Indus Valley Civilization. Word: Indigenous: Punjabi Meaning: ... more than 8 percent of the population are at one time or … : During their time in the new tribe, enslaved indigenous would even marry as a sign of acceptance and servitude. As few native people exist in the population, no indigenous languages are thought to remain in Uruguay. colloquial common dialectal domesticated idiomatic indigenous informal ingrained inherent local mother natural ordinary plebian popular vulgar correct formal literary pedantic standard: Antonyms. Tungusic meaning in Urdu: تنگوی مَشرَقی سائبریا کے مَنگولی نَسَل کے باشِندوں ، تنگووں کا - - meaning, Definition Synonyms at English to Urdu dictionary gives you the best and accurate urdu translation and meanings of Tungusic and - Meaning. Learn more. English to Urdu English to Punjabi ... English to Punjabi Dictionary - Meaning of Indigenous in Punjabi is : ਦੇਸੀ what is meaning of Indigenous in Punjabi language . We must, now, first understand ... five years (from class 3 to class 8). : This expedition alone was responsible for the enslavement of over 60,000 indigenous people. : Even though prices for indigenous slaves were cheaper, there was never a … Also, Buddhist remnants have been found like that of the Mankiala which corroborate the Buddhist background of this region as well. We found 19 rating scales, 6 indigenous and 13 translated from English, which have undergone some degree of validation in Urdu. Among the other indigenous scales AKUADS, PADQ and SSDS were validated in reasonably large samples. Among the six indigenous scales, the BSI has been most extensively validated both in urban and rural settings. ... (vehicular language) used in the region or state inhabited by that population. China has a population of about 1.3 billion whereas our population is ... but Urdu is an indigenous language.