Cook … James Cook was born on November 7 1728, in Marton, to James Cook and Grace Pace Cook.

Trying to trace family tree of Captain James Cook, seeking known descendents in USA,UK, Canada, Australia or New Zealand. He was baptised at the parish church of St Cuthbert’s on 3 November, and entered in the parish register as: “James, ye son of a day labourer.” Am certain that I am one as great aunt in North Carolina has family bible but cannot read entries for ancestors who lived between 1830 and 1920.

"Cook,Gregory,purchasedland(16acfes)in1688ofSamuelHyde,bounded east by the Dedham highway,west by land of Edward Jackson, -west and §outh by landofsaid Hyde.This place was the homestead of some of his descendants to

James Cook was born on 27 October 1728 [7 Nov 1728 (NS)] in the two-roomed mud cottage of his parents, James Cook and Grace Pace, in the village of Marton-in-Cleveland, North Yorkshire.

James Cook (1728-1779), born in Yorkshire, the famous navigator who explored the St. Lawrence, the shores of Newfoundland, circumnavigated the globe charting New Zealand, Australia and explored much of the Pacific and Southern Ocean. Cook genealogy lists such notable Cooks as Nathaniel Cook, designer of the standard set of chess figures; the British explorer, navigator and cartographer James Cook; and travel entrepreneur Thomas Cook. James had 7 siblings: John Cook , Christiana Cook , Mary Cook , Jane Cook , Mary Cook , Margaret Cook and William Cook . James Cook left Great Ayton for Staithes in early 1745 and in 1755 his father retired from the farm and moved with his family. John's brother Capt. Resources: (1) Cook Family Bible; (2): Grave stone at Hillside Cemetery in Holly, Orleans County, NY.

James Cook's parents were farmers. He died about 1917.
His father's name was James Cook also, whilst his mother's name was Grace Pace. Dewitt and Celestia had the following children: + 179 M ii. + 180 M iii. Cook family history records a Cook first coming to America in 1635 and settling in Viginia.

My grandmother's maiden name was Hewett and her mother's name was Emily Jane Cook. Dallas Dudley Cook was … Dr. Edward James Cook was born on 4 Jan 1842.

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