A few weeks ago, another My Toddler Talks reader emailed with the following question: “We have two children, a 3.5 year old boy and a 20 month old girl. A child who hits himself may have been hit, for instance, and one who bites himself may have been bitten back as punishment for biting other children.

If he is a child that needs a self soothing sort of action he needs to find another.

It serves as a self soothing mechanism, which is why some babies tend to twiddle more when they are tired or fussy than at other times. Pinching; Poisoning (or drinking harmful chemicals) Taking an overdose of drugs; What medical problems can result from self-inflicted injury? We did not have any speech issues with our son, however our daughter is not speaking as much as we believe she should be able to at th For starters, if your child is actually harming himself (pulling out his hair, banging his head so hard he injures it, pinching or biting himself, etc. Children who injure themselves do not usually intend to cause lasting injury. It is important to understand why a child might hit, bite, or scratch and guide your child to more acceptable social behavior. Hand/arm biting, slapping self and head banging are very common with children with emotional regulation problems. The only prevention for violence is for the heart to have no violence within it.
... words to communicate, they rely heavily on their actions to “tell” us what they are thinking and feeling.

However, self-inflicted injury may cause serious medical problems, including: Life-threatening blood loss; Deep cuts needing stitches

This self-awareness helps him learn to manage his feelings in positive ways. Toddler Trigger: He Doesn't Feel Like Himself When your toddler has an off day, he may simply lash out because he's cranky and doesn't have many coping skills. All three behaviors result in strong stimulation that release stress chemicals when the nervous system is overloaded. While there are some positive things about twiddling, there are times when it can be disruptive, embarrassing, or painful. Toddler Tantrums: Hitting, Kicking, Scratching, and Biting Why toddlers get aggressive, how to respond, and ideas for keeping things calm.

Managing biting, pinching and hair-pulling in toddlers If your toddler hits or bites other people or pulls their hair, working out the reason for your child’s behaviour is the first step. Gross Motor Activities For Toddlers - Use these fun gross motor activities for toddlers every day to help build their skills and keep them developmentally on target.

This means thinking through the possible causes of the behaviour, and asking whether the way you react could be making the behaviour worse. Don't jump to any conclusions, of course, but do keep this in mind as you talk to your toddler's caregivers and relatives about his behavior. Parent-Child Interaction Therapy with Toddlers is a must-have resource for early intervention practitioners, researchers, and students in the fields of clinical child and school psychology, social work, pediatrics, infancy and early childhood development, child and adolescent psychiatry, primary care medicine, and related disciplines..

Be on the lookout for signs your child may be in pain. In such a case, self-injury is a way of relieving their performance anxiety and lowering the expectations being placed on them. First of all, toddlers touching themselves is absolutely normal, whether they are naked or not. Sometimes, hitting may be self-soothing. In fact, research has shown that babies begin such touching while still in the womb.

Many behavioral pediatricians report that biting behaviors are a reflection of the developmental and chronological age of the child.
Have you considered the fact that you have labeled these behaviors pejoratively and mistakenly as "self-harm," and that the child is simply responding to a stimuli like the rest of us when something itches?

The truest answer to death is life. Aggressive Behavior in Toddlers. Self Abuse. Posted Jan 05, 2017

), then take action immediately, and visit a healthcare provider.

Note to Readers: Kids biting and hitting at school or the playground cause a stressful parenting issue that many of us would rather not have to address.Harsh punishments usually escalate the unwanted behaviors. Meanwhile, babies who are teething may also hit themselves at times to cope with the pain in their gums. ... Mothering Forums > Parenting > Parenting > Pinching as a self-soothing technique?

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