Pappas Bar-B-Q

Pappas Bar-B-Q serves up good quality Texas-style barbecue in generously sized portions. These are well-run, fairly attractive restaurants, which are often crowded, where you can count on getting a satisfying meal for a reasonable price with friendly and efficient service.

The offerings at Pappas are typical of most barbecue restaurants in the area, though maybe a little more extensive. The standard barbecue plates, called Specials here, feature slowly cooked and mesquite-smoked meats and two sides. The meats served at Pappas are: beef brisket, pork, ham, sausage, beef ribs, pork ribs, turkey and chicken. The sides are fairly numerous and generally well prepared: spicy rice, ranch beans, lima beans, cole slaw, yams, macaroni salad and cucumber salad. In place of the standard sides, for slightly more, the meats are available with a baked potato or salad.

All of the meats are also served in sandwiches, and some as the slightly larger po boys. As it is Texas, the beef brisket is probably the choice of meat to order. It hits the proper notes, and is tender and usually quite flavorful, like it must be for all worthwhile local barbecue restaurants. In a chopped beef sandwich, the brisket is almost minced and served with a lot of sauce so the sandwich is similar to a sloppy Joe. The sliced version is noticeably lean yet tender and tasty. In addition to the brisket sandwiches and plates, hamburgers, chicken burgers and stuffed baked potatoes with plenty of tangy barbecue sauce and shredded cheese are also popular. A few salads and a couple baked desserts are available for those who are watching their caloric intake and those who are not, respectively.

Pappas strives to be convenient for families. The restaurants are fairly spacious for barbecue joints, and certainly nicer. There are plenty of tables and several televisions scattered about to help occupy the kids, or dad, as these are usually tuned to a sporting event. For takeout, Pappas offers a half-dozen Value Packs that can serve from six to twenty-five that can help make for an economical meal for a group. During the weekday mornings, some locations serve the convenient-for-takeout local favorite, breakfast tacos.

Pappas Bar-B-Q
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