Pappas Burger

As a hamburger joint with Pappas in the name, Pappas Burger is pretty much what you would expect from the family. This is a good thing. Pappas Burger is a slicker-than-usual operation for a modestly priced restaurant that primarily serves hamburgers: service is much better; the setting is cleaner and more comfortable; the food is well prepared; the large portions provide a decent value; and the menu hits more accurately at its target patrons. Not unimportantly, the burgers are very good here, too.

The burgers are made with patties of around one-third pound. These are cooked to the properly charred exterior while retaining a juicy interior. The buns and the rest of the accompaniments are fresher, and better than at most burger places. For burger creations beyond the basic Pappas Burger, there are a cheeseburger, double cheeseburger, chili cheeseburger, and the Hickory Cheddar Bacon Burger.

The similar hot sandwiches include a Grilled Portobello mushroom burger served with grilled onions and feta cheese, a grilled chicken sandwich, a fried chicken sandwich, and a Grilled Ahi Tuna steak “Burger.” Each of the hamburgers and sandwiches comes with a large amount of suitably crisp, freshly cut fries.

Though burgers are the primary attraction here, the well-planned menu is more than just burgers and hot sandwiches. There are a number of appealing, zesty dinner- sized salads including the popular Caesar and Greek Salads. Though “Burger” is in the name, the salads are also a reason for a visit.

For the less health conscious, there are also cheese fries, nachos, cheese bread, quesadillas with chicken, Buffalo wings and a half-dozen rich desserts. All of these are well done here, and more than sufficiently caloric. As proficient as Pappas Burgers is, the system of ordering is a little odd: you order at the counter; find a seat; your food is brought to the table; and you pay the wait staff when finished. No matter, Pappas Burger is well worth at least a short drive when you have the craving for a well made burger and fries, or the like.

Pappas Burger
5815 Westheimer (west of Chimney Rock)
Houston, Texas 77057
(713) 975-6082

7800 Airport Blvd. (in Hobby Airport)
Houston, TX 77061
(281) 657-6168

Copyright Mike Riccetti. Adapted from Houston Dining on the Cheap, and used with permission.

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Image credit: / CC BY-ND 2.0

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