Spanish Flowers

Contributing to the long-running popularity of Spanish Flowers (or Flower depending on the signage) is that it is nearly always open to happily help satisfy the Mexican food fix of residents of the near north neighborhood, those of the nearby Heights, or late night revelers from elsewhere in town. In fact, it is only closed on Tuesday night at 10 PM until 10 AM on Wednesday morning. Some other selling points include service that is usually quite solicitous and prompt.

There are also some other welcome touches: all entrées come with a pleasant, complimentary light soup (fideo) and a slice of fresh fruit at the end of the menu from 10AM to 10PM; freshly made and very tasty, soft flour tortillas are brought to the table just after being baked throughout the meal, if needed; and, maybe most importantly for many, breakfast is always served.

If huevos are not the answer, something on the fairly large menu should appeal to anyone. There are the Tex-Mex and Mexican basics and more among the items served: nachos; fajitas; tacos al carbon; Mexican-style steaks; quail, grilled, fried or stuffed; enchiladas; fish tacos; other seafood dishes; chicken mole; salads, soups; and even beef liver, tongue and menudo all the time. It’s certainly not the best Mexican restaurant around, not even the best in its immediate neighborhood, but it is the most easily approachable for most, and it’s nearly always open.

Spanish Flowers
4701 N. Main (about a mile west of 1-45 N.)
Houston, Texas 77009
(713) 869-1706

Copyright Mike Riccetti. Adapted from Houston Dining on the Cheap, and used with permission.

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Image credit: / CC BY-SA 2.0

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