Pappas Bar-B-Q

Pappas Bar-B-Q serves up good quality Texas-style barbecue in generously sized portions. These are well-run, fairly attractive restaurants, which are often crowded, where you can count on getting a satisfying meal for a reasonable price with friendly and efficient service. The offerings at Pappas are typical of most barbecue restaurants in the area, though maybe a little … [Read more...]

Hickory Hollow

Hickory Hollow is the type of place that many outside the state probably think is how Texans usually eat: huge plates of chicken fried steak or barbecue in rustic, Western settings. Hickory Hollow does this type of cooking well, and it's a great value here. The restaurants are informal, counter-service places with friendly staffs that have hit the right notes since 1977. The … [Read more...]

Goode Company Texas BBQ

The overwhelming popularity of the informal, attractive Goode Co. Barbecue restaurants is exceedingly well deserved. These are the best overall barbecue restaurants in the area. The brisket, which in Texas is barbecue, is fantastic. Only strict barbecue purists would find any significant point for which to quibble. The brisket is green-mesquite smoked for eighteen hours and … [Read more...]