You Are What You Write On

The folks at Tanglewood Pharmacy have compiled a creative and fun collection of more than 80 autographs of notables with a connection to Houston.

Astronauts, business people, performers and politicians are all represented here. What makes this collection special is not just the autographs, but what they are on. Lloyd Bentsen and James Baker signed currency bearing their printed signatures as Treasury Secretaries. Dr. Denton Cooley signed a surgical mask. Eckhard Pfeiffer (former Compaq CEO) signed the screen of a notebook computer. George Foreman signed boxing gloves. Pinkie Logan signed a Logan Ham. And Marvin Zindler signed (What else?) the door from an ice machine (see photo at left). The collection is displayed all through the store, but much of it is in their stationery department. For more information, read this story from the Houston Press.

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